The High Cost of Selling Your Stuff

You read that title right. There is often a high cost associated with selling off your unwanted stuff. How can that be? Keep reading to learn more. We'll also have some tips on how you can use Stockpile at home free inventory solution to save money.


If you have to store your stuff until it sells at the very least it's taking up valuable space in your home. Worst case scenario, you're actually renting storage space so that you can hold on to stuff that you no longer want. You should carefully weigh how much you expect to get when you sell items versus what it's costing to store them. Even if there isn't an easily identifiable fee associated with storage there are subtle hidden costs that can add up quickly. If clutter and a lack of space are getting you down you may be spending money to make yourself feel better. That cost is directly related to the stuff you're holding on to.


When you're selling items, how often do you have to meet someone at an inconvenient time? Do those meetings ever lead you to grab a meal, a snack, or even a coffee while you're out? If yes, deduct that cost from your profit.


Speaking of those meetings, how far do you have to drive to meet up? Most people prefer not to have strangers coming to their homes. That means you have to drive somewhere. If you have a nearby spot that works, that's great. Often you have to drive a few miles to meet. Not only are you burning gas, you're also putting miles on your car which increases the amount of maintenance it will require.

So, What Are We Saying?

We aren't saying that it isn't worth selling your stuff. We're just suggesting that you put a little thought into it and make an informed decision. To do that, you really need to know how much you can expect to make when you sell an item. Knowing how much you initially paid for it is a great starting point when determining current value. That's where having records in Stockpile at home free inventory solution can be really helpful.

Stockpile to the Rescue

If you have item records you'll have details about the item, including pricing info, that will be helpful when you're creating a post to sell it. Plus, you may even have a photo that you can use.

If you haven't used Stockpile now is a great time to start. Adding item records is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to include. Stockpile at home free inventory solution will fit your unique needs and be the system that you need to track items within your home. Thanks to areas and locations you'll always know where to find what you need. Even items that don't sell right away will be easy to locate when the right buyer appears. The best part is that once an item is sold you can remove it from your inventory. No more wasting time looking for something you already got rid of.

Stockpile at Home Free Inventory Solution

There are so many ways that Stockpile at home free inventory solution can save you time and money. Check back soon to learn more. Ready to get started? Try Stockpile today!

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