Thanks for the Memories

at home inventoryThe legendary Bob Hope sang the song Thanks for the Memory in the film The Big Broadcast of 1938. It won the Academy Award for best original song and went on to become Hope's signature tune. You may not know the lyrics or even realize that the song is about a divorced couple who may reconcile, and that's okay. If all you take away is the sentiment of being thankful for your memories you've still gotten something out of it. Appreciating your memories doesn't mean you have to hold on to everything you own. Here are some tips on how to let go of the stuff that's cluttering up your life and holding you back. Keep reading to learn more and to find out how Stockpile at home inventory system can make a difference in your home.


The first step in this process is to identify the items in your home that you no longer need or want. This can be harder than you might expect. Some things have been part of your home for so long that you sort of look past them on a daily basis. Go room by room and really focus on the stuff you have in there. Take a moment to recognize the things that are just taking up space without adding value to your life. If you don't use it and seeing it doesn't invoke a particularly strong fond emotion it's probably time to let it go. Now is a great time to start making piles of items to sell or donate. If you see anything that is in poor condition just go ahead and trash it. The more clutter you can get rid of, the better you will feel.

Out, Out, Out 

There are three ways for things to leave your home when you're purging your possessions. You can discard broken or worn items, donate gently used items, and try to sell things that are in good condition. Before you start making piles you need a plan. Discarding items is quick and easy but the other two options require a little more thought. Having a yard sale or posting items on a site like Craig's List takes time. Make sure you set a timeline to get this done. Otherwise all you've accomplished is moving items from one spot in your home to another. The same is true for donating items. You need to decide where you are going to drop them off and when you are going to do it so that they don't just relocate and start collecting dust.

So Emotional  

What if there are items that you have a sentimental attachment to but you really don't need to keep? It can be hard to get rid of these things and just letting them go often brings feelings of guilt and remorse. If you use Stockpile you can hold on to your memories without holding on to the actual object. Because Stockpile at home inventory solution is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in item records. This allows you to decide what information you want to track in your files. You can include notes about why this item was special to you, where it came from, and even where it went. You can even include a photo in the record so you can still see it after it's gone.

Everything Else

Stockpile is also great for tracking all the things that you decide to keep. The best way to organize your home and keep it in order is by using Stockpile. Stockpile makes it easy to track items within your home, even if they move around. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. Out of sight doesn't equal out of mind when you use Stockpile. You can always find what you need with just a few clicks. Often it's that fear that you won't remember where you put something if you store it out of sight that leads people to clutter up their tables and shelves. You won't have to worry about that when you use Stockpile at home inventory system. Plus, it's easier to return items to their proper place when you have a record of exactly where that is. Stockpile is so easy to use, anyone can do it. It's even mobile compatible so you can access your data on the go. All you need is a mobile device and internet access. This can really help when you're out shopping. Don't buy a duplicate or pass up a good deal on an item you really need just because you can't remember what you have at home. With Stockpile you can shop with confidence. The best part is that Stockpile is available for free so you've got nothing to lose. What are you waiting for? Try Stockpile today!


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