robust small business solutionEveryone loves surprises, right? Wrong! While many people do enjoy surprises there is a whole segment of the population that prefers to know what to expect at all times. It's just their nature to want to know what's going to happen so that they can prepare. Even those who love the unexpected usually only like good surprises. Chocolate cake in the break room is usually a good thing. Surprise! Your in-laws are driving in for a visit and they're almost to your house. Well, that may not be such a pleasant surprise. Surprising people with new technology at work can seem like a good idea but it could have unintended complications. Keep reading for some tips on how to implement changes and how Stockpile robust small business solution can help your business.

Coming Attraction

Want to surprise your employees but still give them time to prepare? Let them know that you have new technology coming. They'll still be surprised but they won't be overwhelmed with the new procedures right away. They'll have time to learn about what's coming and how tot prepare so that the actual implementation will go smoothly.

Offer Training 

Any time you implement something new in your business you need to train your employees on how to use it. Don't just believe the marketing hype and assume that it will be easy to use. Try it yourself first so that you know how difficult it is to learn to use and you can help your employees. Many people are visual learners. They need to be shown how to do something rather than just told. If you can demonstrate the new software that could significantly reduce the learning curve for a number of staff members. Also, make sure that employees know that you understand there may be challenges as they adapt. Let them know that you support them as they learn and won't be too critical if they have some issues along the way.


A little explanation goes a long way. One of the benefits of the being boss may be the ability to make decisions without asking for permission but failing to communicate with your employees can lead to confusion and even resentment. Letting your staff know why you chose the new software or solution that you did can make them feel like they are part of a team and that their thoughts are valued. It can also get them on board and excited about the changes. That will certainly help ease any frustration with the transition.

Inventory Issues Eliminated 

Looking for a new solution your staff is sure to love? Try Stockpile. Stockpile is the inventory management solution that your small business needs. Inventory issues are one of the biggest headaches many small business owners face. Stockpile makes inventory management easy. Creating item records is quick and easy. Stockpile is fully customizable so you choose which fields to include in item records. Why try to tweak software to fit your needs when you custom designed the solution you need? Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are kept. As items move around it's easy to keep track of them. Stockpile is great whether you have one location or a dozen. Transferring items is simple. Need to run reports? That's no problem either. Just a few clicks and you can access all the data that you need.

If you're looking for a technology surprise that your staff will love, look no further. Try Stockpile today!

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