Slippery Slope

It can be tempting as you add new employees to give yourself a bit of a break. Chances are in the beginning you were doing everything in your small business yourself. Now that you've reached a level of success that allows you to hire some help you're looking forward to delegating some tasks. That is a great idea. Once you have additional employees it's good to utilize their talents and focus on growing and improving your business. What you can't afford to do is slack off. If you start missing meetings, canceling at the last minute, and stop paying attention to productivity you can't expect your employees to remain focused and committed to doing their best. If you're worried this could happen to you keep reading for some tips to avoid sliding down this path. If inventory issues are what keep you up at night, Stockpile easy inventory solution can help. We'll have some great tips for using it to eliminate all your inventory headaches at the end of this post.

Stick to the Schedule 

If you schedule a regular meeting you should plan on attending or have someone who will run the meeting in your absence. Saying that you're going to be there and then not showing up says this meeting isn't that important to you. It's a short hop from 'not important to you' to 'not important to your employees'. If they don't think you see the value in getting together, they won't either. If you're not going to attend the meeting be sure to touch base with employees and let them know you won't be there. Tell them who will be in charge in your absence and make sure they know that you'll be following up to hear how things went. This makes it clear that you value the contact even though you can't be there.

Cancel Only with Just Cause 

We've all had to cancel plans for one reason or another. That's just a fact of life. Things come up. If you're canceling because of illness or unforeseen circumstances that's one thing. Canceling because you decided that you just don't have time to hold the meeting gives the impression that this wasn't that important to begin with. Be very careful about the message that you're sending, You may be saying a lot more than you mean to when you withhold your reasons for canceling or rescheduling a meeting.

Check In 

Don't underestimate the value of knowing what your employees are doing. Not only will it "keep them honest" as the saying goes, it will also illustrate how important you think what they're doing is. When you know that your boss values your work and will be checking in to see how you're doing you're more likely to do a good job. If it feels like what you do doesn't really matter and you know that no one's checking up on you it can be easy to convince yourself that it's okay to slack off.

Set a Good Example 

Be the kind of boss that your employees look up to. Model the work ethic that you expect them to have. Leading the way by example is a great way to motivate the troops and keep everyone working together to achieve results.

Say Goodbye to Inventory Issues 

One of the biggest problems that many small businesses face are inventory issues. Not knowing how much stock you have on hand or where to find it can really hurt your bottom line. Fortunately, there's Stockpile. Stockpile is available for free so there's no risk involved in giving it a try. Creating item records is quick and easy. Stockpile is fully customizable so you decide which fields to include in item records. This allows you to track all the information that you find important. We know that every business is unique so we didn't create a one-size-fits-all solution. We designed Stockpile to be adaptable to your business. Running reports is easy as well. Just a few clicks and you can access end of the year or tax reports. Want to check your inventory while you're away from the office? Stockpile is mobile compatible so you can easily do that. There are so many advantages to using Stockpile. Most importantly it frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your small business. What are you waiting for? Try Stockpile today!

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