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easy home inventory systemBack to school time is rapidly approaching and there are a few things you can do to earn all A’s in preparedness. Starting the year off right starts with having the right supplies. To learn more about how to prep like a pro keep reading for some tips. We’ll also tell you how an easy home inventory system like Stockpile can help.

First, check the school supply list. Don’t just assume that your kids will need all the standard stuff. More and more schools are being very specific about what supplies kids need. Teachers are requesting notebooks with a particular number of pages, pens with a certain color ink, or a specific brand of number two pencil. Many schools have restrictions on the size and type of backpack that is allowed. They may also have guidelines for acceptable lunch containers and utensils. Not following the rules can make the first days of school a little uncomfortable for your student so be sure to check the lists carefully.

Your next step should be to check what you have on hand. Is last year’s backpack still in great condition? Did you buy more pens, pencils, crayons, or paper than you needed last year? If so, you may not need to buy more of those items. Stocking up on school supplies is only a good idea for things that you need. Having a ton of supplies on hand that you’re not using can be a storage nightmare.

Once you know what you need to purchase you’re ready to start checking the sales. This time of year it seems like everyone has deals on school supplies. Even some unexpected retailers like grocery stores and home improvement suppliers try to get in on the act. Most stores discount a few items heavily but then charge regular price for the rest of the popular items. The challenge here is finding a balance between getting the cheapest prices and not wasting gas running all over town to multiple stores. Taking some time to review the ads can really help you decide where to go to do your back to school shopping.

Once you’ve made your purchases it’s time to turn to Stockpile. Creating item records for school supplies will be a quick and easy project. It’s easy to add items in our fully customizable system. You choose which fields to include in item records so you can track the details that are important to you. When it comes to school supplies it can be good to know the brand, color, style, and price of the items. Later when you need to replenish or replace your stock you’ll know if you’re getting the right item and whether or not the price is a good one. With larger ticket items like backpacks and lunchboxes you’ll be able to evaluate whether the item was worth the price you paid. If that $60 backpack doesn’t make it to quarter three you may want to choose a different brand next year.

If you use Stockpile your back to school shopping for next year will be simplified. You won’t have to rummage through closets and drawers to see what you still have leftover. You’ll easily be able to access your records and see if you have the right size, color, brand, etc on hand already. You can even check your inventory while you’re at the store. Thanks to mobile compatibility you can access your records from your favorite mobile device. Plus, Stockpile is available for free so you’ve got nothing to lose. Go to the head of the class. Get Stockpile today!

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