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For many people summer means pool parties. If you have a pool right in your backyard you have easy access to everything you need. Unfortunately, most people have to schlep to a community or town pool and that means you have to haul all your gear with you. All too often what happens is that you end up the pool without something that you need. UGH! It's even worse if you've invited friends to join you at the pool. Keep reading for some tips to help you prep for pool parties like a champ and how using Stockpile simple home inventory system can help.

Organize Your Gear 

Seasonal gear can be the hardest to organize. You only use it for a short time each year and in the off season it's probably stored somewhere out of sight and out of mind. That means when the weather warms up you're not sure what you have and what needs to be replaced. Using Stockpile simple home inventory system to track your seasonal supplies eliminates this issue. By creating item records and keeping them up to date you'll always know what you have and where it's stored. You can even make a note of the item's condition. If something is getting worn or about to be outgrown noting that in the item record will let you know what items to pick up when you find them on sale. For more tips on organizing your summer stuff read our previous blog.

Make a Checklist

There are probably some items that you need every time you head to the pool and some that you only take when you're meeting friends. Create a checklist that combines both, but separate the list so that you know you only need the first half for a family outing and which items are add-ons. For example, towels and sunblock are probably an everyday item. Your large cooler may only be needed when you're entertaining a bunch of kiddos at the pool. Same for extra dive toys, spare towels, and floaties. Don't rely on your memory, having a list makes it easy to ensure that you've got what you need before you leave home.

Pack a Bag

Knowing where gear is stored around the house is useful, but it's still time consuming when you have to gather each piece before you head to the pool. If you can pack a bag and keep it packed you'll be able to get ready quicker and you'll be less likely to forget something. The drawback is that sometimes the pool bag can be a breeding ground for a strange funk. Make sure that pool toys are dry before you drop them back in the bag. Don't put opened snacks or empty wrappers in the pool bag. If your pool doesn't have a trash can carry a plastic bag so that you can dispose of garbage properly. Remove damp towels and wash and dry them thoroughly before replacing them in the bag.

Use Stockpile Simple Home Inventory System  

Adding item records is a great start but you need to keep those records up to date. You may start the summer with four bottles of sunblock, six towels and six pairs of goggles, you probably won't end the summer that way. Towels wear out, goggles get lost and sunblock gets used. Before you know it you're running low on supplies. That's good to know come September when the stores start stocking Christmas merchandise and discounting the summer stuff. That's the perfect time to buy what you'll need for next year. Because Stockpile is mobile compatible you'll be able to check your home inventory while you're standing in the store. Why buy things you don't need or pass up a great deal on something you do? Knowledge is power and Stockpile simple home inventory system gives you what you need to make good decisions.

If you haven't tried Stockpile yet summer is a great time to get started. Tracking your pool toys is a small, manageable place to start. To learn more about Stockpile simple home inventory system and what it can do for you check back with our blog again soon. Ready to get started? Try Stockpile today!


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