How to use areas within our small business inventory system

At Canvus Apps, we understand the importance of having a tool that can actually be configured to your specific use case. For example, so small businesses store their inventory at home on the garage. Meanwhile other small business owners have a specific location within their place of business to stock and maintain inventory. Stockpile, our…
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Cloud-based Small Business Inventory Software and What Makes It So Appealing

Cloud-based software applications stand in sharp contrast to more traditional software packages. Our small business inventory software is no exception. In most instances, applications in the cloud, are also just as effective and robust than their retail, “boxed” counterparts. The three primary obvious benefits of cloud-based technology include: Cost Perhaps the most important benefit of…
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Inventory Management: Handling Damaged Stock

Are you in the market for a new inventory management tool? Give Stockpile a try and then you'll be able to automate a lot of those pesky situations like returns. For example, let's say you are re-organizing a shelf and you 're-organize' a jar off the edge and onto the floor. Or maybe a sprinkler…
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