Cloud computing: what it means to small businesses and inventory management.

Small business owners are always looking for ways to improve their operations in the most cost-effective manner possible, especially during these tough economic times. In-house networks and software programs historically have been one solution to help them achieve this goal. For example, inventory is typically stored in a local desktop application which, at times, has…
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Home for the Holidays? Check out our online inventory system?

Making money is the main goal of any business. But, when you choose to run a small business, you are also choosing to work and live on your own terms while pursuing that goal. With that freedom comes many responsibilities. Do you feel like you are wearing a dozen different hats? Perhaps some that you…
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Inventory management for small business

Inventory Management for Small to Medium-sized Business There are a million reasons why small business owners choose to ignore inventory management best practices. For example, time is usually a limiting factor. Another owner might cite the expensive nature of software built to do the task. While yet another manager might say that their sheet of…
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