One Last Stop

simple small business inventory solutionWhen the temperatures outside are freezing running errands can really be a chore. Many people find themselves putting off that one last stop simply because they can’t bear the thought of getting out of the car and braving the elements again. That’s why you need to give your customers an extra reason to visit your business this time of year. Don’t be replaced by an online retailer. Keep them coming in with special discounts, appreciation events, or just your stellar customer service. Keep reading to learn more. Plus, we’ll have tips on how to use Stockpile simple small business inventory solution to benefit your business.


Everyone likes to save money so offering discounts can be a great way to get customers to come in. You can reduce prices, offer a discount for combining products, or increase savings based on purchase amount to encourage people to add items.

Customer Appreciation

Now is a great time to plan a customer appreciation event. When the weather is frightful customers may linger in your store longer just to avoid going back out in the elements. Providing snacks or a warm beverage can make them feel more comfortable about staying longer. It will definitely brighten their day and help them warm up. Staying longer may encourage them to buy more as well.

Stellar Service

Customer service is important to customer retention. That is even more true this time of year. Your customers any number of reasons to stay home, you need to give them a reason to come visit your business and make them glad that they did. Greeting them by name is a great way to make customers feel special. If you don’t know all your patrons by name, a smile and a friendly welcome is a good substitute. Just be sure that you let them know you’re glad they stopped in.

It’s also important to provide assistance with a positive attitude. The weather and the lack of sun may be bringing everyone down but you can’t let that show when you’re helping customers.

Exceed Their Expectations

Nothing makes customers happier about an errand than getting better than expected service. Part of providing great service is having the desired items in stock and being able to locate them quickly. Stockpile simple small business inventory solution can help with that.

Creating item records is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is customizable you choose which fields to include in your records. This allows you to track all the information that is important to your business. Using areas and locations allows you to be very specific about where items are stored. Tracking items is easy whether you have one location or a dozen. Keeping items up to date is simple as well. Stockpile is available for free so you can give multiple employees access to the system.

Want to “see” your data while you’re out of the office? You can with Stockpile. Need to run reports? Just a few clicks and you can access all the reporting data that you need. Ready to see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile today!

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