One Goal

simple inventory solutionIn the past we've talked about how having too many projects going at once can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, it's often an unavoidable part of running a small business. Today's post will focus on how to set one goal each day to help you check items off your list in a manageable way. We'll have some great tips on using Stockpile simple inventory solution to help you manage your inventory. Keep reading to learn more.


The first step is to prioritize your tasks. There are probably some must do items on your list and some nice to do things. Doing the most important tasks first can really your business and help you succeed. Take a good look at your To Do list and be honest with yourself. Even though it may be tempting to do the fun projects first or to focus on some smaller items so that you can check more off in less time, it's important to do the most critical tasks before you turn your attention to the ones that will have less impact on your operations.

Break It Down 

Looking at each task as a whole can make your overall list appear smaller but it can also hide the enormity of what needs to be done. If you break each project down into individual steps you can start to see how much work there actually is and that will allow you to create a realistic plan to accomplish it all. Having incremental steps can allow you to check more off your list which can increase your feelings of success. Maintaining a positive attitude is one of the biggest factors in staying motivated so this can have numerous benefits.

Choose One 

Choose one thing to focus on each day. Yes, there is a lot to be done. No, you aren't going to accomplish it all in one day. You can choose one task to do each day though. Checking that one item off your list can provide a positive vibe and help you keep your goals moving forward. If you choose your one thing for each day of the week in advance you can move forward with the next step if you finish the first part quickly. This level of productivity and efficiency can have a ripple effect on your motivation and feelings about work.


Don't forget to reevaluate your progress at frequent intervals. As you make progress your priorities may change. Other factors may also impact what needs to be done next. Taking time to revisit your plan and reevaluate your goals can be crucial to your success. This also allows to appreciate how far you've come and how much you've already accomplished. Sharing this with others can also motivate them to keep working on their projects and goals.

One Last Thing

Inventory management issues are the biggest headache for many small business owners. That doesn't have to be the case. Stockpile makes it easy to track your inventory whether you have one location or a dozen. Adding item records to the system is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in item records. This allows you to track not just the location of an item but all the data that is important to your business. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. This level of accuracy makes it easy to locate what you need when you need it. The ability to track other information can save you time and money. Running reports is simple. Just a few clicks and you can access all the information that you need. Plus, Stockpile is mobile compatible so you can see your inventory on the go. All you need is a mobile device and internet access. Speaking of access, since Stockpile is available for free you don't have to worry about limiting the number of users that can access the system. This makes it easy for anyone on your staff to have the information that they need at their fingertips.

There are so many benefits to using Stockpile. Check back with our blog again soon to learn more about what we can do for your small business. Ready to get started? Try Stockpile today!

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