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Even if you're not familiar with the meme about a meeting that could have been a memo, you've probably endured at least one in your professional career. As an employee, they are frustrating, time consuming and a real drain on your morale. It's even worse when you're the person leading the meeting. No one wants to conclude a meeting only to hear grumbling from their staff as they gather their belongings and head back to their desks. Is there a way to ensure that your meetings don't fall into this category? Yes! Keep reading for some tips to improve your meetings and some handy Stockpile free inventory solution tips.

Have an Agenda

Having a set agenda gives you a defined purpose for the meeting. Gathering just to discuss a project is too open ended. It basically sets you up to get off topic and spend longer than you intended in the meeting. If you want specific input from other employees, let them know in advance. While it might seem like a good idea to catch them off guard, it can result in hard feelings and less than productive input When you have an agenda you can also gather any materials and look up specifics that you may need for the discussion. Many a meeting gets derailed because someone doesn't have the facts they need for a decision to be made. Anytime you have to look something up later it either requires an e-mail chain or another meeting.

Stick to It!

You know that agenda we were just talking about? You have to stick to it. Yes, there will be things that come up during the meeting that aren't on the agenda. If it's a short aside that will increase overall efficiency, go ahead and discuss. If you're getting off on a tangent or delving into something that you weren't ready to tackle right away, table it. You can another meeting later when everyone is prepared to cover the new topic. Letting a meeting go sideways is a good way to lose half your audience and most of your afternoon.

Be Brief 

Keep your remarks as short and to the point as possible. Everyone has other work to do and somewhere else they need or would like to be. If you are mindful of their time, they will appreciate it. They are more likely to respond by giving you their full, undivided attention.

Bring Snacks

It might feel like bribery, but it just makes sense. If you schedule a morning meeting letting people know that you'll have coffee and doughnuts available eliminates the worry that people will be late because they stopped to grab breakfast on their way to work. Meeting around noon? Serve lunch. No one is really paying attention if they're watching the clock and worrying that their stomach is going to growl. Everyone knows how distracting the mid-afternoon munchies can be. A tray of snacks and some drinks can provide the pick-me-up that everyone needs to stay focused on the discussion at hand.

Follow Up

Sending an e-mail after the meeting just to recap what was discussed is always a good idea. That way if someone did zone out they'll have a reminder of what they missed. This gives everyone something to refer back to in the coming days and weeks when the meeting is less fresh in their minds. If someone was assigned a task be sure to include that in the message as well. This will remind them of they need to work on and gives others the proper contact if they have any questions about the progress.

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