Make It Memorable

powerful small business inventory solutionThanks to e-mail and social media it’s easy than ever to craft marketing messages and get them out there fast. While that makes some aspects of advertising easier it isn’t without its own challenges. Because it’s so simple to put ads out there there is more and more content assailing your target audience. You need to craft a message that will catch their attention and be so memorable that they don’t forget it. Keep reading for some great tips to help you out. Plus, we’ll tell you how using Stockpile powerful small business inventory solution can help you find the extra time you need to create those out of this world marketing campaigns.

Choose a Theme 

Having a theme for your message can make it more memorable, as long as it stands out. Remember that everyone will be focused on the upcoming holiday or repping the hot new trend. If your message shares a theme with a dozen others it can easily get lost in the shuffle. There’s nothing worse than getting a customer to visit your business only to realize that they confused your ad with someone else’s, unless it’s being that other business that they meant to visit but didn’t. Either situation is not ideal. You want to draw customers to your business who want to be there. A little creativity goes a long way. Instead of touting the party of New Year’s Eve or the resolutions that are sure to be broken after why not craft a campaign that focuses on winter fun or the coziness of snuggling in front of a warm fire? Anything that makes you stand out from the crowd will be a big win.

Keep It Simple 

The less complicated your message is the easier it will be for readers to remember. Sometimes when the creative juices get flowing it can be hard to stay on track. When this happens you may end up including a lot more information than you need to. Remember the goal, you want to attract customers and give them a reason to visit your business. Leaving them with a few questions can be the call to action you need to get them to reach out. If a promotion seems too complicated they may be discouraged and not want to participate. People will ignore your ad if they think that it doesn’t apply to them or will be too hard to redeem.

All About Alliteration 

Just like that catchy jingle that you can’t forget or the ear worm that you can’t stop humming you want your message to stick with your readers. If they make an automatic association that is related to your promotion they’ll remember why they need to come your business. Alliteration can be an easy way to do that. Moe’s Southwest Grill is a great example of this principle. Moe’s offers a different promotion each weekday but the best known one is probably Moe Monday, the day that sell a burrito and a drink for one low price. Moe Monday is catchy and easy to remember. Even if you can’t remember specifically what the deal is you know that they offer some kind of special on Mondays.

Timing Is Everything 

A well timed message is more effective. That is just common sense. There’s a bigger market for winter gear in January than you’ll find in August. Finding the time to create these winning campaigns can be the hard part. Thankfully Stockpile can help. Many small business owners struggle with inventory management. Issues tracking inventory often top of the list of headache inducing tasks that owners wish they could avoid. Creating item records in Stockpile is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to include. This allows you to track all the info that is important to your unique business. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. This makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. Stockpile is also mobile compatible which means you can access your data even when you’re not in the office. How convenient is that? Stockpile powerful small business inventory solution is the solution you need when you want to handle all your inventory issues and free up time to focus on other aspects of your business. Don’t take our word for it. Try Stockpile today!

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