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simple free home inventory solutionIf you hadn't heard of Marie Kondo before, you probably have now. The organizing consultant was already the author of several books and had a very successful career before Netflix released the series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo earlier this year. Now that she's even more of a household name than she was before, it seems like everyone is jumping on the decluttering bandwagon. If you're ready to join the craze you need to give a Stockpile simple free home inventory solution a try. Keep reading to learn more about how Stockpile can help you get the most of our organizational efforts and keep your home decluttered long term.

Where, Oh Where, Can It Be? 

One of the biggest challenges many people face after they declutter and organize their space is remembering where they put things. Organizing is great, unless it means that you can't find anything. Creating item records in Stockpile eliminates that issue entirely. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are kept. You don't have to just narrow it down to the room, you can pinpoint the exact shelf or bin where items can be found. Now when you're wondering where to look you can just pull up the item record in Stockpile simple free home inventory solution and you'll know.

What If It's Gone, Gone, Gone? 

Since you're only keeping the things that you love, some of your belongings may be long gone after you declutter. Don't rely on your memory. If there's not a record of it in Stockpile simple free home inventory solution you'll know that you no longer own it. If you want to have a record of the things that you used to have for any reason, you can do that too. You can create records and indicate that items were donated or trashed.

All the Facts 

In fact, Stockpile allows you to track any and all information that is important to you about your belongings. Stockpile simple free home inventory solution is fully customizable which means that you choose which details to include in item records. You're not restricted to just size, color, brand, etc. You can track where an item was purchased, when you got it, if there are any companion pieces, warranty info, and so much more. This makes it easy to find the information you need with just a few clicks.

Won't It Be a Lot of Work? 

Yes, decluttering and reorganizing your home is no small job and adding items into Stockpile is another step in the process, but it won't be that much work. Creating item records is quick and easy. Plus, the benefits make it more than worth the extra effort. Having all the information you need about your belongings readily available will save you time and money. When you don't have to waste time searching for the things you need, or digging for manuals when you need a spare part or a repair you'll be glad that you have Stockpile simple free home inventory solution. Stockpile also keeps you from paying for repairs that would have been covered under warranty or buying items that you don't need. You can do a lot with all the money that you'll save.

What Have You Got to Lose? 

Stockpile is available for free so it costs you nothing to give it a try. It will save you time and money and help you keep your newly organized home in order. The way we see it, the only you'll be giving up are the headaches that come with not being able to find what you need when you need it. And who wouldn't want to get rid of those?

Stockpile Simple Free Home Inventory Solution

So, go ahead, jump on the bandwagon and get your home organized today. Click here to try Stockpile now!

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