It’s Selling Season

quick home inventory solutionSpring and summer are prime time for yard sales. Now is a great time to clear out the clutter and try to make some extra cash. Ready to plan your yard sale? This post will have some great tips on how to maximize your profits and how you can use Stockpile to your advantage. Keep reading to learn more.

Is It Worth Selling? 

First, be realistic. Everyone wants to believe that their junk is really worth big bucks but sometimes it just isn't. Filling tables with broken junk that no one wants to buy isn't going to help you be successful. You need to have items that people will be interested in. If you have any big ticket items like furniture or electronics make sure that they're displayed well and include them in any advertisements that you do for your sale. These are the pieces that will entice people to stop by and check out your yard sale. Remember, most people don't want broken items or sets that are missing pieces. Go ahead and donate or trash those items that just aren't worth selling.

Price It Right

Yes, yard sale shoppers like to haggle. That doesn't mean that you should overprice your items though. Your prices need to be reasonable enough that a novice buyer would be willing to pay it and a savvy shopper will feel like they have a good starting point to bargain. If you're unsure what items are worth do some research. You don't want to give away treasures too cheaply but you're more likely to overprice items and drive customers away if you're guessing at value. Craig's List, eBay, and other online sites can be great tools when gauging what the market will pay.

Presentation Matters

Take time to arrange your tables and your items for maximum presentation. The more inviting your sale is the more customers will stop by. Arranging like items together can encourage impulse buys. Make it easy for shoppers to browse. Crowding too much stuff together in too small of a space makes it hard for people to see what you have and can also lead to theft or damage.

A Good Deal 

Most shoppers like to get a good deal. Of course, price is a key component in that but it isn't the only factor. If you offer additional items at a discount or "throw in" an extra with a purchase people often feel like they got something for nothing. If the add on you included was something that you didn't think would sell on its own then that's a good deal for you too. You get rid of something you don't want and everyone is happy.

Stockpile Saves the Day

Setting up a yard sale takes time. Before the sale you have to decide what you're going to sell and price your items. The day of the sale there's set up, manning the sale, and clean up afterwards. That's a whole lot of work and you want to be sure that you make the most of all that effort. That's why you need Stockpile. There's nothing worse than wasting time looking for items you no longer own. If you already use Stockpile you'll want to update your records to indicate that you got rid of certain items. If you haven't tried Stockpile yet, now is a great time to get started. As you set items aside you can create simple entries in Stockpile. You won't need to be too detailed since you're getting rid of these items but this way you'll have a record of what you sold. You'll easily be able to tell whether you should keep looking for something or start searching for a replacement.

The biggest challenge you're going to face is deciding which room to use Stockpile with next. The benefits of using Stockpile are so numerous you'll wonder why you've waited this long to give it a try. Ready to get started? Try Stockpile now!

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