easy free inventory systemIsn't it nice to be in the know? Most people enjoy knowing the details and being on the inside with it comes to information access. Sometimes in business you can't share everything you know with your employees, but there are other times when communication is key. When it comes to inventory management the more people who know what's what, the better. That's part of what makes Stockpile easy free inventory system so great.

Access Granted 

Many enterprise solutions require you to pick and choose who you give access to the system. When you pay per license you often can't afford to give everyone credentials to log in. That can result in one or two employees being the keepers of the information and everyone else is stuck relying on them. If someone is ill or takes vacation your situation can be even more precarious. Stockpile is available for free so you can grant access to as many employees as you'd like. When several people can access the system it's easier to keep your information up to date which makes it more useful as well. Don't let licensing fees hold you back, get Stockpile easy free inventory system.

What and Where? 

The two most critical pieces of inventory data are what and where. You need to know what you have in stock and where to find it. Stockpile makes tracking this data easy. Creating item records is simple. Because Stockpile easy free inventory system is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in item records. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. This makes locating inventory a snap. Tracking all the data that is important to your unique business in your inventory records makes it easy to locate the info that you need quickly.

The More You Know 

The more you know about your products the better you'll be able to serve your customers. When anyone can access these critical details your entire staff can answer questions like a pro. Happy customers often tell their friends so providing superior customer service can pay multiple dividends.

Save Time and Money

Everyone could use some extra time and some extra money. Stockpile easy free inventory system helps you find both. When you eliminate inventory management headaches you can handle these tasks with ease. Use the time you save to research other ways to improve your business. Managing inventory more efficiently will allow you to save the funds you'll need to devote to these new efforts. Get ready to watch your business grow.

Ready, Set, Go!

Hit the ground running with Stockpile. Creating item records is simple. You won't need to spend hours reading a manual or taking a training course to learn how to use our system. Just a few clicks and you can add items to the system. Once your data is in place it's easy to run reports and generate the inventory management data that you need. Plus, Stockpile easy free inventory system is mobile compatible so you can access your data on the go. Why be tied to the office to manage your inventory? Take our system with you and you'll always be able to "see" your inventory.

Easy Free Inventory System

We are always making improvements and adding updates to our system as well. Stockpile is designed to meet the needs of your small business so we're always ready to hear new ideas and suggestions. Looking for barcode scanning and other additional functionality? Check back soon. Ready to see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile now!

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