Hiring Questionnaire

simple inventory management systemRecently, we've provided a number of tips to help you with hiring procedures. Our goal is to help you simplify the process so that you'll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. A hiring questionnaire can seem like a great tool to help you identify the best candidates for open positions. You can create your own set of questions specific to your business or use a generic form designed to meet the needs of a variety of employers. Whichever method you choose, the important thing to consider is how well the questions apply to the nature of your business. Candidates and hiring managers are all busy people so you want to be sure that their time is well spent on tasks that are truly beneficial to the hiring process. Keep reading for some tips to help you and to learn more about Stockpile simple inventory management system.

Position Specific 

Creating a general questionnaire can seem like a great time saver and a good use of your resources. If the questions are very general and you are just trying to gauge qualities like reliability, honesty, integrity and the like that might work. If you're going to ask position specific questions you'll need to tailor different questionnaires for management positions versus part time employment. If your business has a wide variety of jobs ranging from custodial to marketing to finance you may want to ask questions that apply to each skill set. Asking a marketing person how much weight they can comfortably lift might not make much sense but this would definitely be a valid question for someone whose daily tasks might include carrying a large heavy floor waxer across the lobby.

Keep It Short 

While more information can be better, asking too many questions can frustrate your candidates causing them to abandon the application process. You don't want to eliminate potential hires before you even get to review their information. Pare down your questions until you have a streamlined questionnaire that will gather the most information in the least amount of time. Your hiring managers will also appreciate your brevity as it makes it faster and easier for them to review applications as they come in.

The Right Answers 

When you look at a questionnaire for your business you probably have a good idea of what answers you're looking for. The challenge when reviewing applicant responses can be to identify true answers as opposed to candidates who just gave the answer they thought you wanted. If every answer seems too perfect, chances are they are saying what you want to hear and may not be giving honest responses. In many cases answers that are close but not quite perfect are actually the best ones.

The Answer to All Your Inventory Issues 

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