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easy inventory systemMany people find themselves parking in the driveway or on the street because their garage is full of stuff. Today’s post will have some organizational tips to help you clear out the clutter and make room for your vehicle in the garage. Plus, we’ll teach you how using Stockpile easy inventory system can help you stay organized. Keep reading to learn more.

Belong or Be Gone 

Take a good look at your garage before you begin. Does everything stored in there actually belong in the garage? It’s understandable if you have some items that you’re unsure about. Potting soil might not be typical garage material but if you don’t have a shed or a greenhouse the garage might be the best place for storing it inside away from the elements. Start with removing any items that obviously don’t belong. If you’re using your garage to store the overflow from indoors you’re not doing yourself any favors. Obviously, you’re not using the items which begs the question of whether or not you actually need them. If your current residence is only temporary and you plan to move to a larger home soon you may need the items in the near future and want to hold on to them. If you have no plans to move you need to ask yourself why you’re keeping things you aren’t using. Do you really need them? If so, find a place in your home for them. If you can’t find a spot for them it may be time to let them go.

To keep your garage cleanup from turning into a much larger whole home overhaul limit the amount of stuff you bring inside. Decide before you begin what size bin or box you’re going to fill up with stuff to keep and stick to it. It’s always a good idea for your trash and donation boxes to be larger than your keep pile. This keeps the clutter from invading your home and maintains a manageable project scope.

Space Saving Organization 

Effectively utilizing the space in your garage is key. There are some items that should be stored in there such as a lawn mower, ladder, garden tools, saws and other outdoor equipment. If these items are well organized you should still be able to park at least one vehicle in the garage. Look for space saving organizational tools such as peg board, shelving, and wall mounted bins. Many of these products are optimized to allow you to store the maximum number of tools in the least amount of space. They are also designed to fit against the garage walls leaving the middle of the room free so that you can park inside.

Look Up

If you still need additional space, look up. Many modern garages have tall ceilings to maximize the exterior appearance of your home. In most cases this is open, unused space. You can install overhead racks for hanging bicycles, above door shelving for holding seldom used items such as holiday decorations, or even create an attic like space that extends the length of the garage. This is a great way to make the most of the space you have without sacrificing room to park.

Use Stockpile Easy Inventory System

Many people fear organization because they are afraid they won’t be able to find what they’re looking for after they put it away. This won’t be a concern if you use Stockpile easy inventory system. Stockpile makes it easy to track everything you own. Creating item records is quick and easy. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. This allows you to pinpoint the exact bin on the shelf that holds the item you need. You can also track additional details in Stockpile. Because the system is fully customizable you can include warranty data, parts and accessory ordering information, and more. Stockpile easy inventory system is also mobile compatible which means you’ll have this info at your fingertips, even when you’re not at home. As long as you have internet access you can “see” your inventory. This makes it easy to save time and money by only buying what you need when you’re out shopping. Ready to get organized and see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile today!

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