Girl Scout Cookie Sales and Inventory Management

It's that time of year again, Thin Mints, Thanks-a-lots and more are available nationwide. For the troop cookie moms and parents of Girl Scouts everywhere, the challenge is how to keep track of all those cookies now that most councils have gone to direct sales. Today, we're here to tell you how Stockpile easy inventory solution can help you easily navigate cookie season. Best of all, Stockpile is free! We can't guarantee you won't end up paying for more cookies than you'd hoped to buy, but you won't have to spend a dime to use Stockpile.

Most troops pre-order cookies for each girl based on last year's sales. This can mean that you end up with a whole lot of cookie inventory. No worries! Stockpile makes it easy to track your cookies.

The first step is to create item records for each type of cookie and enter how many boxes of each you have on hand.  Of course, if you're actively trying to sell those cookies they probably aren't sitting neatly stacked up in your living room. You probably send some to work with Dad. Keep some in the car in case there's an opportunity to sell a box while you're out running errands and you may even ask grandparents, siblings or other friends to take a few boxes to try and sell as well. With Stockpile you can easily transfer cookies to individuals so that you can track who has what. Simply create a location for each person and then transfer cookies to them when they take a box.

Not only will this give you an accurate record of who has what, but it also makes it easy to locate additional boxes as needed. Say someone asks you for something you don't have on hand. You can easily check to see if you any other family members have the box or boxes that you need because Stockpile easy inventory solution is mobile compatible. That means that you can pull up item records on your smart phone or other mobile device. Don't lose a sale because you aren't sure that you can fill the order. A few clicks and you can say with confidence, "Yes, we have those and I can bring them to you this afternoon."

Sales Success Made Simple with Stockpile Easy Inventory Solution

Selling Girl Scout cookies is one of the highlights of scouting for many girls. Not only is it fun, but it gives the girls the opportunity to earn patches and other prizes. For parents, it can be a little nerve wracking to be responsible for hundreds of dollars of cookies for weeks on end. Simplify the selling season and reduce your stress with Stockpile easy inventory solution. If you have a Girl Scout selling cookies - you need Stockpile!

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