Fun in the Sun Days

Summer means fun in the sun. That also means it's time to break out all your summer fun gear. Your bathing suit is easy to find and it's probably time to replace your sunblock so those two are easy to check off the list. What about all your other gear though? How many pairs of goggles survived last pool season? Are all of your beach towels still intact? What about your beach or pool toys? Do you know where all your dive sticks, shovels, pails, and other items can be found? Chances are you're scratching your head right now and answering no to at least one of the above questions. Don't worry, you're not the only one.

Lazy summer days can lead to be a little lax on keeping up with your gear. After spending a long day outdoors in the hot sun most people dump their stuff in the garage and then head inside for a quick shower and a relaxing dinner. That often means that even things that made it home from wherever you spent your day don't always make it back where they belong. This can make them harder to find the next time you want to head out. A little preplanning and some help from Stockpile easy home inventory system can solve this problem.

Before Summer Hits

Temperatures are rising so now is the time to enter your summer items into Stockpile. Take advantage of one of these rainy spring days and get organized. You can enter everything from life vests to lounge chairs. Because Stockpile easy home inventory system is fully customizable, you choose which fields to include in your item records. You don't have to enter barcode info or UPC data. Don't want to track where you bought it or how much you paid? Skip it. This is your data, it only needs to be meaningful to you. Want to track the color, pattern, and design name? Go ahead. Include anything you think you'd like to be able to look out without dragging the item out of storage. You'll thank yourself later. Don't forget sizing information. This is a no-brainer when it comes to clothing, but many people overlook when it comes to pool floats, lounge chairs and the like. This can be useful info to have though. Do you have a double float? Would a smaller chair be more portable? It can be good to know what you have when you're standing in a store looking at a sale item. Our easy home inventory system is mobile compatible so you can pull out your smartphone and see. As your adding items check their condition. Make a note of anything that looks like it needs to be replaced. Sunblock, chlorine, and too much sun and salt water exposure can be hard on summer items. What worked last summer may not make it past the month of May this year. Be very specific about where items are kept. Now is a great time to create an easy to access storage area for summer gear. This will encourage you to put items back where they belong when you return from your day of fun.

Those Lazy Hazy Summer Days 

Keep your item records up to date. Your data is only useful if it's good. If something breaks at the pool or gets lost at the beach be sure to note it when you return home. Why waste time searching for something that you no longer own? If you update the record right away you won't forget what you lost. Plus this can help you remember what you need to replace when you're at the store. Put things back in their right place as well. If you find yourself skipping this step on a regular basis create a new temporary location and make a note of where you are leaving things when you get home.

Falling Out of Summer 

When the weather turns colder and you pack everything away until next year review your records again. You may have lost some items this summer or added some new ones. If your storage needs have changed things may have found a new home. Make a note of everything so that you'll know where to look next year. Adding items is quick and easy, updating them is even simpler. There's no reason not to do this.

Enjoy Summer More with Stockpile Easy Home Inventory System

Stockpile can make your summer better by allowing you to easily track the stuff you enjoy using. Don't waste a single minute searching for what you need. Use our easy home inventory system and get out there and enjoy the day! Try Stockpile now!

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