Employee Perks that Won’t Break the Bank

quick small business inventory solutionHappy employees are more likely to work harder and stay with your company longer. That's why employee benefits and employee appreciation incentives are so important. Most bosses would like to do more for their employees but they are waylaid by the cost or the time commitment. If this sounds like you, keep reading. We've got some great tips to get you started for little to no cost. Plus, we'll also have some Stockpile quick small business inventory solution tips to help you save time on inventory management.

Just Say Thanks

One of easiest and least expensive ways to show your appreciation is to just say thanks. It doesn't cost you anything to tell your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. A little gratitude can go a long way.

Figurative Gold Star 

Remember the little gold stars your teacher used to put on great papers? Your employees probably don't want a paper sticker to attach to their monitor. Determine what the adult equivalent of that is and invest in a small token that can travel the office being awarded to the star employee of the week or month. Some ideas include a pop culture figurine or stuffed animal, a quirky plant or something similar.


Get the morning started off right by treating your staff to doughnuts, bagels, coffee, or some other breakfast treat. Let your employees know in advance so that they don't eat on their way to work to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the perk. A free breakfast is a great way to start your morning and increase productivity from the start.

Free Lunch 

People need to eat and everyone loves a free lunch. If you can afford to cater or order in food, great. If that kind of spread just isn't in the budget you can organize a potluck meal. Asking everyone to bring a dish to share reduces the cost but it still provides a fun alternative to eating leftovers alone. Getting everyone together in a social setting can also improve interpersonal relationships between employees which can have a positive impact on your work environment.

Ice Cream Social

Lunch too expensive or time consuming? What about a dessert social? Ice cream or dessert doesn't take as long and it doesn't cost much to put together a big spread. A few gallons and an assortment of toppings and you'll have some very happy employees. It provides the same morale boost for a fraction of the investment.

Time Away

Another low cost way to show your appreciation is to give your employees a little extra time away. While an entire day would be best even a half day or a long lunch would be a welcome bonus. There are never enough hours in the day so giving your employees some extra time to do the things they need or want to will be huge for them.

Inventory Issues Eliminated

Inventory issues cause stress for you and your employees. Eliminating these headaches will save time, money, and make everyone a whole lot happier. Using Stockpile quick small business inventory solution makes it easy to handle all your inventory management needs. Creating item records is quick and easy. Areas and locations make it easy to pinpoint where items are stored but you can do so much more. Because our system is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in your records. This allows you to track all the information that is important to your small business. You'll save time and money by using Stockpile quick small business inventory solution. Looking for barcode scanning and other functionality? Keep checking back. We're always adding new features. Ready to see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile today!

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