Emergency Supplies

free easy home inventorySevere weather can impact anyone. Whether it's a hurricane threatening the coast or a record snowfall up north, there are all kinds of weather that can create dangerous conditions. No matter where you live, it's a good idea to have emergency supplies and a plan of what you'll do in case of severe weather. Keep reading for some good tips and to learn more about how Stockpile free easy home inventory solution can help.

Have a Plan 

Thanks to advances in early warning systems and other technology we typically have more warning about impending weather events these days. That gives people more time to prepare but it's still a good idea to know what you plan you do well before you need to put your plan into action. Knowing whether you want to hunker down or evacuate makes a big difference in your preparations. You don't want to waste gas running around in search of water if you're ultimately going to hit the road to head for high ground. Conversely, a full gas tank is good to have, but if you end up trapped in your home because of flooding, icy roads, or a fallen tree you'll really wish you had some fresh water. Of course, plans can change with the forecast but having at least a general idea of what you'd like to do can help you prepare.

Stock Up 

One of the biggest issues that accompanies severe weather is usually a loss of power. We all take for granted our climate controlled environment, lights, and easy access to a cold fridge and a hot stove. When we lose these things for even a few hours panic can quickly set in. Having a supply of ready to eat food, batteries, and water can really ease the trauma of being stuck indoors without electricity. Keep a list of what you'd like to have on hand and then make a trip to the store as early as possible. Be prepared for out of stock issues, long lines, and frustrated shoppers. Don't leave home without a healthy dose of patience. As you find items on your list check them off and then reevaluate how badly you need the additional items. In some cases it may be worth checking a few more stores to try to get what you want. There are other items you can probably do without. If running around is only going to stress you out, skip the nice to haves and head home.

Track Everything 

When the forecast calls for severe weather most of us watch the storm track closely. It's easy to become glued to your phone or mobile device as you wait for updates. What most people overlook is the need to track their own supplies. You may have picked up a case of water, but is all still there. If you stocked up early someone else in your home may have helped themselves to a bottle or two. Your snacks and other food are at risk as well. Make sure you tell everyone if there are items that shouldn't be consumed until the weather event. The same is true for things like batteries, matches, gasoline and candles. Gathering all your supplies and placing them in an easy to access central location can make them easier to locate when the time comes, and easier to protect until they're needed.

Stockpile Is Your Friend 

Severe weather can cause stress for even the most centered individuals. Isn't it nice to know that you have a partner that can help ease your stress? Stockpile is that friend. Tracking items in Stockpile free easy home inventory system is a great way to know where to find what you need when you need it. If you already have item records in Stockpile you'll be able to quickly locate all of your backup emergency supplies. Just a few clicks will tell you where you've stored matches, batteries, candles, lanterns and any other items you may need. It's also a great way to do a quick check to see what you still have at home and what you need more of. There's nothing worse than getting home from the store only to discover that you used up something that you thought you had on hand.

Free Easy Home Inventory System

There are so many reasons to Stockpile at home. Disaster preparedness is just one of the ways that Stockpile can reduce your stress while saving you time and money. To learn more about how useful Stockpile can be, check back with our blog. We'll have more tips on how to use Stockpile free easy home inventory system to organize your home and your life. If you haven't used it yet, what are you waiting for? Try Stockpile today!

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