Embrace the Unexpected

quick inventory solutionEven if you don't consider yourself a planner, it can be difficult to deal with unexpected events. Most people like to have at least some idea of what their day will hold. There are times when plans go awry and you have to learn to embrace the unexpected. Today's post will have some great tips to help you prepare so that you're ready for whatever comes your way. Plus, we'll tell you how using a quick inventory solution like Stockpile can help.

The Benefits of a Backup

Relying on one person to do something can really put you in a bind if they are unexpectedly out. Many small businesses only have a few employees so each one wears multiple hats. When you're already being pulled in several directions cross training and learning how to do someone else's job is probably the last thing you want to do. It is so important though if you want to keep your business going even when someone is out of the office.

Write It Down

Many small business owners started off doing everything themselves. When you handle it all you don't need to write down the steps for each task. As you hand over jobs to other employees it's important to write down the process. This makes it easier for your employee to perform the task according to your instructions and it will allow someone else to take over if they are out. Having everything in your head is only good if you're there and have the time to oversee the work. Writing it down frees you up to focus on other tasks and gives your staff a sense of autonomy.

Be Flexible 

There are times that you can't continue with business as usual. Severe weather can require early closing or help for parents who suddenly have kids coming home from school in the middle of the day. Being flexible will allow you to address these challenges. Always put your staff's safety first. If it's dangerous for them to be at work it's unlikely that too many customers will venture out anyway. Sending everyone home will make them feel valued and appreciated and keep everyone safe. Even if the predicted event never materializes remember they may still have to deal with school and daycare closings. If you can allow parents to go home and be with their children, do it. They will appreciate your consideration. Worried about being understaffed if you send them home? Consider setting up a kid-friendly space so that employees can bring their kids to the office while they work. While it might not be ideal it can make the situation a lot more workable for your staff.

Get Out and Do Something 

If the unexpected event was something that impacted your entire community get out and show your support. Look for ways to help and make a positive impact. Forming connections and being a positive force in your neighborhood can provide big benefits for your business.

Stockpile Is Your Secret Weapon 

Having a plan to deal with unexpected events is great, but finding the time to create one can be a real challenge. Using Stockpile to manage your inventory can help you free up the hours that you need to devote to this and other projects. Creating item records is quick and easy. You decide which fields to include so you can track all the data that is important to your unique business without worrying about fields that you would never search for. Of course, areas and locations make it easy to pinpoint where items are stored for quick location. Stockpile can do so much more though. You can track supplier details, price, related items and accessories, and more. Stockpile even allows you to include a photo in your item record. Running reports for end of year and tax time is simple as well. Just a few clicks and you can access all the data that you need. Stockpile puts so much inventory information at your fingertips. Plus, our system is mobile compatible so you can check your inventory on the go. With all this power in the palm of your hand you'll be able to find more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Ready to get out there and start growing your business? Try Stockpile today!

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