Ease Into Estate Planning

simple home inventory systemEstate planning is something that few people like to think about. Being aware of your mortality is one thing, actually sitting down to plan for it is something else entirely. That's why many people find reasons to avoid the entire process. As unpleasant as it can be to think about, the reality is that no one lives forever and not having a will or estate plan in place can make things so much more difficult for your loved ones. Today we're going to explain how Stockpile simple home inventory system can help you ease into the process.

Estate Planning Is for Everyone

Many people think that only the very wealthy need to worry about estate planning. This simply isn't true. If you own anything you are entitled to have a say in how those assets are distributed after your death. If you don't have a will or an estate plan the courts will decide how your finances and possessions are divided up after you pass. There can also be fees associated with this process which can mean that your loved ones receive a smaller portion of your estate than they otherwise would have been entitled to. Everyone can and should think about estate planning and make sure that their wishes are spelled out in a legally binding manner.

It's Not All About the Money

Even those who have started estate planning typically focus more on their monetary assets. They remember to designate beneficiaries for their life insurance policies, any retirement accounts, and their stocks, bonds and bank accounts. Once that's done they may turn their attention to any property that they own such as a home, land, or vacation property. What many people overlook is all the tangible property that they own. It can be hard to think about divvying up your possessions, but having your wishes for these items spelled out can eliminate headaches for your executors and your heirs. Laws vary from state to state so be sure to speak with an estate lawyer in your area who can help you ensure that your plan is valid.

Starting Small 

If you're not quite ready to sit down with a lawyer you can still start working on your estate plan with Stockpile. If you already use Stockpile you know how versatile it can be and you may even be able to guess where we're going with this post. If you haven't tried Stockpile yet, this can be a great way to get started. Adding items into Stockpile simple home inventory system is quick and easy. Stockpile is fully customizable which means that you choose which fields to include in your item records. In addition to all the details about your item, you can create a field to designate who you would like that item to go to when you're gone. If you share your inventory with others and don't want to generate family friction with those designations you can even create a code so that it's not obvious in individual records. That's the beauty of Stockpile. You can make it work the way you want it to. Why suffer through the frustration of trying to work around an at home inventory system? You deserve a solution that works for you. Isn't technology supposed to make life easier? We think so!

Me! Me! Me!!

It would be nice if the items in your home could flash or jump up and down to get your attention so that you don't overlook anything, but that probably doesn't happen. Often we get so used to the things in our own homes that we don't notice most of them on a regular basis. You might really see it when you clean or if you reorganize but most of the time it's just there. That can cause big problems when it comes to estate planning. You may think that you've covered everything but you probably overlooked some knickknacks, keepsakes and even some furniture or jewelry that others may want after your gone. When this happens it can create tension among family members and loved ones. Making item records in Stockpile simple home inventory system draws your attention more fully to the process and can help you avoid overlooking anything. Running a Stockpile report can be very helpful when you are ready to sit down with an attorney as well.

Stockpile was designed for small businesses but it can do so much around your home. Haven't tried Stockpile yet? What are you waiting for? Stockpile is available for free and it's so easy to use. Try Stockpile today!

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