Don’t Fall for Funny Business

simple home inventory solutionFall is a great time of year. The dog days of summer have ended and many people are enjoying the great outdoors, crisp fall air, football, festivals, and seasonal sales. That last one is the one you need to watch out for. Fall is typically back to school season and the official end of summer. Those two events can combine to create a perfect storm of buying opportunities. Before you get sucked in and blow your budget on things you don't need, read this post. We'll have some smart shopping tips and we'll tell you how Stockpile simple home inventory solution can help you become a savvy shopper.

Know What You Need 

Unless it's free, even the biggest discount can end up costing you big in the long run. Anytime you buy something you don't really need you're wasting money. Sometimes this can be less of an issue, but if you're buying items that you already own or things you just won't use you're losing more than just a few dollars. Unused items cost more than their purchase price. They take up space in your home, they clutter your thinking, and they can even keep you from finding and using items that you really need. If only there was a way to check and see if you really need something before you buy it. There is! If you have item records for the stuff you own in Stockpile simple home inventory solution you can easily access your data while you're standing in the store contemplating your next purchase. Because Stockpile is mobile compatible all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device. Just a few clicks and you'll be able to see what you have at home so you'll know what you need.

Know What You Have 

Knowing what you already own can be helpful in a number of ways. If you already have three white shirts at home you probably don't need another one. Unless, of course, they are all different or one has been damaged in some way. Tracking all that data in Stockpile can give you instant access to all the info you need to make an informed purchase decision. This time of year the stores will be begging you to stock up on end of summer deals and school supplies. If you already have plenty of those things at home you don't need to buy more. If you are short in one area or some summer gear didn't survive the season this is a great time to replenish your supply.

Falling in Love 

Beware of fall flings. That first touch of fall in the air has many people reaching for a light jacket, blankets, boots, and other items that they haven't thought about in months. Stores know that you're in the mood to start thinking about this seasonal products and they'll place them strategically paired with appealing discounts to encourage impulse buying. Before you plunk down your plastic or your hard earned cash take a moment to think about what you have at home. Is this cozy new option really better than what you already have or is it just different? All too often buyers get taken in by a new option just because they are so ready for the change of season and they haven't yet pulled out their own fall gear. Taking a minute to browse your records can save you from buying something you're regret later. If you have photos in your item records you can even visually compare the new option to what you already have.

This fall don't get sucked in by marketing gimmicks that promise big savings. Show your smarts by saving big on the things you really need and skipping the deeply discounted duds that will only take up space. Ready to see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile today!

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