Dog Days of Summer

free home inventory solutionYou've probably heard the expression "the dog days of summer" but do you really know what it means? The answer comes from the Greeks and the Romans and the stars. When Sirius, also known as the dog star, aligns with the sun the days are hotter. This generally occurs during the period between July 3 and August 11th, hence the name "dog days." Historically, some people even believed that the dog days brought on drought, fever, and bad luck. If the oppressive heat has you down, we have the solution. Now is a great time to stay indoors and implement Stockpile free home inventory solution. You'll stay cool and create lasting change for your personal space. Keep reading for some more tips to help you beat the heat.

Hot or Cold 

Do you sometimes wish that someone was there to tell you if you were getting warmer when you're searching for your belongings? There is nothing more frustrating than wasting time and energy looking for things that you've misplaced. Thanks to areas and locations in Stockpile you can alleviate that pain from your life. You'll always know where to find your stuff if you create detailed records (and put things back where they belong). Stockpile free home inventory solution allows you to be very specific about where items are stored. You can note the exact shelf, bin, etc where items located for easier retrieval when you need them.

Outrageously Organized 

Ever seen one of those hyper-organized homes where everything is in its place? Sure you have. Ever been crazy jealous of the streamlined simplicity? Probably. You can be just as organized in your own home with a little planning and effort. All it takes is some serious decluttering and a commitment to having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. For more tips on getting organized and staying that way check out our previous post Renew, Refresh, Reorganize?

Big Saver 

Are you more interested in saving time and money? Stockpile can help you with those goals as well. We've already told you that using Stockpile keeps you from wasting time searching for lost items. It can also keep you from making wasted trips to the store or having to return items. When you have detailed records in Stockpile you'll know what you have at home and what you need. Thanks to mobile compatibility you'll be able to view your inventory while you're on the go. Don't stand in the store scratching your head while you try to remember what you need. Just a few clicks and you'll know whether you should buy an item or pass it up. Do you need another one? Will it match what you already own? Is it the right size, style, color, etc? Because Stockpile is fully customizable you have the ability to track any and all details that are important to you. That means you'll have the info you want at your fingertips.

Saving money is simple too. Of course, not buying things you don't need saves you big bucks. Knowing whether you're getting a good deal on something can also help you save. Over time you may forget what you paid for something originally. Then when you see it on the shelf with a big shiny sale sign it may seem like a good deal. Until, that is, you pull up your Stockpile records and see it now costs twice as much as it did six months ago. Don't get sucked in by savvy marketing that is trying to convince you a price gouge is really a bargain. Know what things are worth and you'll never overpay again.

Beat the Heat  

When you use the dog days of summer to implement Stockpile you'll really be beating the heat. Creating item records will provide a lasting benefit for you and your family. As soon as the weather cools off a little you'll have some new found free time to enjoy the outdoors again. Ready to see what our inventory management system can do for you? Try Stockpile today!

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