Cyber Security: Your Small Business and Our Online Inventory System

Cyber security, our online inventory system and your small business.

Several large retailers have been in the news recently acknowledging severe security breaches.Target and Michaels are two of the most recent victims but they are by no means the only ones.  Personal information for countless customers has been compromised and the fall out is something they may be dealing with for years to come. While that is scary to us as consumers, we should be concerned as small business owners as well. This is exactly why we react quickly to known security threats as they relate to our online inventory system. We also work hard to prevent security concerns from even becoming a possibility. So sign up for our free online inventory system today.

Often when we talk about cloud computing options and our online inventory system the discussion turns to security concerns. Many business owners are concerned about their data being compromised because it’s not stored locally. The truth is, even if you’re not using cloud solutions, security should still be a priority. Many times data breaches do occur locally and in some cases they are even unintentional. That’s why it’s important to protect your small business data regardless of where or how it’s stored.  A recent article in Business News Daily has five tips for small business owners:

  • Control admin access. Not everyone needs (or should have) full administrator privileges. Only grant admin access to those who need it to do their jobs. You wouldn’t give a two year old car keys and allow them to drive, don’t give employees who aren’t trained to manage your data the keys to the database. 
  • Layer security. High level security isn’t needed for all aspects of your business. Carefully consider which areas are critical and which can be secured with lower security measures.  Prioritizing your needs can really help you get the highest level of  security without stretching your resources too thin.

  • Consider cyber insurance. A cyber insurance policy can protect your sensitive data.  According to Tim Francis, enterprise cyber lead at Travelers Insurance, “A small company can have big exposure.” Cyber insurance isn’t typically part of a traditional insurance policy so be sure to check with your agent if you are interested in obtaining coverage.

  • Secure employee use of personal devices and have a procedure in place for dealing with potential attacks.  Employees’ ability to access data via their personal devices can be very handy but it can also be hazardous. It’s important to have measures in place for allowing personal access to data and also a procedure for addressing potential risks.  Since an employee’s personal data is also stored on their devices it may be necessary to involve Human Resources and legal experts to ensure that your employee’s rights aren’t violated during any inquiry into data breaches.

Cyber security is a big issue for small businesses and not one that should be ignored.  By following the five tips above you can plan for and possibly prevent security breaches. And we'll make sure our online inventory system remains a safe place for your data as well!

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