Control What You Can

easy inventory managementYou can't control everything. It would be nice if you could, but that just isn't reality. There are numerous things out of your control that will impact your small business. The economy, politics, natural disasters, supplier issues, the list goes on and on. Those are just the big things. You can't overlook the consequences of even small, everyday occurrences like customer experiences.

You can't guarantee that things will go your way and that your customers will always be pleased with their visit to your business. You can, however, put a positive spin on any negative experience by following the tips below and implementing Stockpile easy inventory management solution.

Be Proactive 

Keeping a close eye on your business can help you predict some problem areas before they turn into major disasters. Anticipating a potential inventory shortfall, higher than normal traffic, a short staff situation or other challenge can allow you to prepare for it. You can also let your valued customers know about the potential increase in wait time so that they can schedule their visit at a different time. This can relieve some of your stress and increase your customers' satisfaction.


Asking for customer feedback is great, but it is useless if you don't really listen to what your customers are saying and act on the intel they provide. You may not agree with what your customers are saying, but their opinions are the only ones that matter when they are making purchase decisions. Let them know that you hear their voices and are working to make changes to improve any perceived shortcomings in your business. Sometimes just knowing that you're trying is enough to improve public opinion.

Act Whenever Possible

When a customer has a bad experience with your business, don't just stick your head in the sand and wait for the problem to go away. It may eventually disappear but you may lose several customers in the process. If someone has a complaint try to resolve it or make it up to them. Misery loves company and unhappy customers love to complain to their friends, family and everyone else they know about a bad experience. Make sure that they follow up their tale of woe with a positive but. This bad thing happened, BUT the company contacted me and did x,y, and/or z to make it better. That but is what will stick with the people who hear this story. Making an extra effort to satisfy your customer shows them that you care about your business and about having them as a customer.


Use Stockpile Easy Inventory Management Solution


Many inventory issues can be avoided by implementing Stockpile. Why suffer from inventory headaches? Stockpile easy inventory management solution makes it easy to track inventory, whether you have one location or multiple. Adding item records is quick and easy and Stockpile is so simple to use that it won't take any time to train all your employees. Giving everyone access to critical inventory ensures that you won't be the only one keeping an eye on your stock level. Transferring inventory and updating item records is easy as well. Need to run reports? It just takes a few clicks to get what you need. Want to check on your inventory even when you're out of the office? Not a problem. Stockpile easy inventory management solution is mobile compatible so you can access item records anytime on your mobile device. What are you waiting for? Try Stockpile today!

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