Clarity Is Critical

easy new small business inventoryMost businesses don't try to make their processes confusing for their customers. The hope is usually to make things as simple and clear as possible so that transactions are easy to complete and customers don't become frustrated. Unfortunately, achieving that optimum level of clarity can be difficult. You may understand what you're trying to say but your customers may not. Keep reading for some tips on how to be clear in both your dealings with customers and your inventory processes. We'll even have some great info on using Stockpile easy new small business inventory solution to help you out.

Keep It Simple 

This old marketing principle is still a good rule of thumb. Keeping things simple eliminates potential trouble spots and make it easy for staff and customers to follow procedures. The more steps you have to complete a task the more room you have for error. If you can keep most common jobs to three steps that makes it easier for everyone.

Training Is Important 

Never assume that your staff and customers will just know how to do something. You'll want to take some time to train everyone on how things are done. While some steps are common sense (i.e. you have to pay for the items you're purchasing before you leave the store) other parts may be unique to your business and therefore more confusing for your customers. If you can only take credit card payments on some terminals or need manager approval to give discounts you'll want to make that clear to everyone to avoid frustrating situations.

Returns, Complaints, and Other Issues 

Dissatisfied customers can be tricky to begin with. For one reason or another they are unhappy and need some extra help. Making these processes more challenging isn't good for anyone. The smoother you can make these steps the faster you'll be able to satisfy your customer. Making your policies clear prior to the initial sale is step one. If you require a receipt, will only take back unused items, or charge a restocking fee let your customers know upfront. Being surprised by any of these requirements can disappoint them and may even lead to an unpleasant exchange. This is difficult for your employees to deal with and can be bad for business if it's overheard by other customers and impacts their opinion of your business. Customers appreciate easy returns and empowered employees who can offer solutions without manager approval. Educating employees on what they are authorized to do allows them to offer solutions quickly.

Avoid Industry Jargon 

Do you use acronyms or terms that are specific to your industry or business? While this may make perfect sense to you, it may confound your customers. Try terms out on friends and family members who aren't extremely familiar with your business. If you see wrinkled foreheads and scrunched eyes that's a sure sign they aren't understanding everything you're saying. Ask them to tell you which terms or phrases confused them and then work to come up with descriptive words that make it easier for them to understand.

Clarity is important in business. It's even more critical when it comes to inventory issues. You need to know what inventory you have and where it's located. That's why you need an easy new small business inventory solution like Stockpile. Stockpile makes it easy to track inventory whether you have one location or a dozen. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are kept. This makes finding items simple. Because Stockpile is customizable you choose which fields to include in your item records. Track all the data that is important to your unique business. You can even include a photo with your data. Running reports is simple as well. Just a few clicks allows you to access all the data that you need for tax time or end of year inventory.

Stockpile easy new small business inventory system provides numerous benefits and it's available for free so what are you waiting for? Try Stockpile today! 

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