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Working Through Distractions

In a perfect world we would be able to focus completely on any task. Of course, we don’t live in that kind of utopia. Often, we have to work through distractions. This divided focus can have a negative effect on any job that we undertake. Fortunately, technology can help. For example, we built low alert…
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Continued Coaching For Success

Last post, we offered some advice from legendary coaches on how to build your team. Today, we’re back with more words of wisdom to help you motivate those teams so that your small business continues to grow and succeed. We've used these techniques even within our own company to deliver the best online inventory management…
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The Small Business Circus

Sometimes being a small business owner feels a lot like working at the circus (juggling lots of balls, walking a tightrope, working for peanuts - pick your favorite metaphor).  Trust me, we know. Managing all the different requests and priorities for our online inventory system is a little like herding cats!  However you choose to…
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“Spring” Cleaning Your Home With Stockpile

Free inventory software that will get the "stains out"! Did you put off spring cleaning? Did you somehow manage to ignore all the tips and tricks pushing you to purge and organize? Feeling guilty? Don’t! Now is a great time to do some “spring” cleaning. Would you like to find a way to achieve long…
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