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new small business inventory systemSometimes being cautious is the best way to grow your business. Taking too many risks too soon can put you out of business before you even really get started. On the other hand, playing it too safe can put you so far behind the competition that you can't possibly keep up. So how do you know when to take risks? Keep reading for some tips. We'll also tell you how Stockpile new small business inventory system can help you succeed.

Economic Sense

When the economy is a state of flux, it might be better to play it safe. If signs point to a looming recession you can bet that consumers are going to being spending less. This probably isn't the time to gamble with your business plan. Often the promise of a big payoff requires a big upfront investment. If the profits aren't there you could lose more than you can afford to. Always stay abreast of the economic trends and watch for signs of a slowdown.

Marketing Mojo 

You need to know your market and how it's performing. Once upon a time opening a record shop was a great idea. Then people starting getting their music digitally and even successful established retailers were going belly up. Keep up with current events so that you'll know whether you're headed in the right direction or not.

Customer Conversations

Talk to your customers. Find out what they like about your business and what they'd like to see change. If all your customers are asking for something providing it won't be that big of a risk. The best way to gauge what your customers want is to just ask them. Don't assume that you know. Your customers may see your business very differently from the way you perceive it. Giving them what they want will always pay bigger dividends than giving them what you want them to have.

Competition Is Key 

It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors. You don't want to always be playing catch up and following in their footsteps. It's good to be an innovator and lead the way. If they offer something you don't currently have, don't just add the same product or service to your offerings. Look for a similar offering that will provide some other benefit. Distinguishing yourself from the competition will make your business stand out and can provide invaluable competitive advantage.

Be Inventory Savvy 

Inventory issues can be a real headache. Overstock situations lead to storage issues and the need for deep discounts to move product. Disappointing customers because you're out of stock on an item they want isn't good either. Spending too much time managing your inventory keeps you from focusing on other aspects of your business. Letting your inventory control you can lead to all kinds of problems. That's why we created Stockpile, the new small business inventory system that you need.

The New Small Business Inventory System You Need

Stockpile makes it easy to track your inventory, whether you have one location or dozens. Adding item records is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to add. Why waste time trying to make a one size fits all solution work for your unique business? You deserve a system that works for your business the way you want it to. Want to include a photo in item records? You can with Stockpile new small business inventory system. Would you like to be able to see your inventory even when you're out of the office? You can do that too. Stockpile is mobile compatible so you can access your data on your mobile device. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are kept. No more searching for items because you only a vague idea of where they're stored. Transferring items from one location is also easy. Whether items are moving within a single location or across the country, you'll always know where they are. Running reports just takes a few clicks. You can easily access the data you need for taxes, end of year accounting, and more. Stockpile is the solution for all your inventory needs. Try Stockpile today!

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