Being and Belonging

Things that are out of place, things that are where they don't belong, tend to make life uncomfortable. Whether it's uninvited guests horning in on an occasion or just that stuff that isn't stored where it should be, things that are out of place can cause all sorts of problems. While we can't help you avoid unexpected guests we can help you tackle the issue of misplaced belongings. Read on to learn how Stockpile easy free home inventory solution can make life easier.

easy free home inventory solution

Get Organized 

This is a great first step, but you can implement Stockpile without diving in and reorganizing your life. Plus, you can always update your records later if you do decide to move stuff around. For now, let's assume that you are going to organize first. Go room by room and get rid of anything that you don't need or want. Creating item records for items that you discard can be a good idea because it keeps you from searching things that you no longer own in the future. Gather up any items that don't seem to belong where you find them. It will be easier to organize each room if you're only dealing with the items that truly belong there. It also makes it easier to find new homes for the misplaced items.

Add It in 

As you start putting items back you can begin creating Stockpile records on a room by room basis. This keeps the job small and more manageable and allows you to break it up so that you can work on it as time allows. While it might be tempting to jump in and try to do it all at once you could end up with a bigger mess if you run out of time and can't get everything put back properly. It's important to be very specific as you create your item records. Your data is only as good as the information you enter. Include all the details that you'd like to access later such as purchase price, purchase location, size, style, color, etc.  You can also include warranty and replacement part information to make accessing that data easy and worry-free.

Where Is It? 

Being specific is also a good idea when it comes to pinpointing where items are stored. Using areas and locations allows you to provide a high level of detail. You can specify the bin or shelf where items are located which will make it easy to locate them later.

On the Go and Still in the Know 

When you're out and about it can be hard to remember what you own and where to find it. Unless, of course, you have Stockpile easy free home inventory solution. Because Stockpile is mobile compatible you can access your item records from anywhere that you have internet access. Standing in the store contemplating a purchase? You can check Stockpile to see what you already and what you might need. Kids at home looking for something? You can pull up your data and tell them exactly where to find it.

Stockpile Easy Free Home Inventory Solution

Stockpile is available for free so you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ready to see for yourself what a difference it can make in your home? Try Stockpile today!

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