Be a Big Winner on Family Game Night

Board games aren't just for kids. Family game night is a time honored tradition. Even if the younger set are the only ones who play board games at your house, it's important to keep track of what games you own and if any are missing pieces. Keep reading to learn how Stockpile can make you the big winner of family games.

You Can't Play What You Can't Find

If you forget that you own certain games or you just can't find them it's going to be awfully hard to play them. That's why keeping an inventory of your games is a great idea. Most people store their games out of sight. That means even when they are in their rightful place they aren't easy to see. Add to that the fact that they don't always get put back where they belong and it's easy to understand why games can be hard to locate. Stockpile can't help you figure out where something was left, but at least you'll have an inventory to tell that you should keep looking because you do actually own that one.

All Those Tiny Parts and Pieces

Many board games come with tiny parts and pieces. Whether it's the game tokens that you advance around the board, cards, pegs, or some other plastic bit they can be easy to lose. That's why having a record of what's supposed to be in the box can be useful. It's good to know what's missing and how to reorder parts if you need to. Adding records in Stockpile is so easy that it won't be a problem to add in those little extra details.

Version Variations 

Many popular games come in a number of different versions. Some are adjusted to be more kid friendly, while others feature pop culture characters and references. When you're out shopping and find a great deal on a new game it can be really handy to know exactly what you have at home. For instance, there are over 1,000 different versions of Monopoly including a junior version, cheater's edition and numerous fan variations. If you have young kids at home it can be great to have both the classic and junior versions, but you probably don't need more than one fan version. Carefully consider what would prompt you to play one over the other before you buy yet another variation of this classic.

Games Grow Legs 

Another reason to track your games is because they are small, lightweight and oh so portable. That means games often get carted off to sleepovers, camping trips, school game days, and more. With Stockpile you can easily 'sign games out' when they leave home and then check them back in when they return. This way you'll know who had it last when you can't find it.

Using Stockpile easy free home inventory solution to track your board games can make family game night a lot more fun. Avoid the hassle of hunting high and low for your games and get right to the fun stuff. Stockpile is easy to use and it will provide so many at home benefits. Try Stockpile today!

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