Bad Ideas

free small business inventory managementSometimes you can tell that what you're doing is a bad idea. When you're walking in to work balancing your latte and a stack of important papers in one hand and trying to juggle your cell phone and your lunch in the other you can just tell that it isn't going to end well. Something is going to tip one way or the other and then it's all going to go south. Wouldn't it be nice if you always had fair warning that things weren't going to go the way you planned? Unfortunately in business that isn't always possible. Today's post is going to focus on using technology, like Stockpile, to minimize surprises and how to deal with those mishaps that you can't avoid.

Inventory Issues 

Anytime you have too much or too little inventory you run into issues. Even small swings can create big problems for your business. Thankfully you can solve inventory issues before they grow into big headaches by using Stockpile. Adding items into Stockpile is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in item records. This allows you to track the details that are most important for your business. You can even include a photo in your item record for easier identification. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are kept. Finding inventory is simple when you have Stockpile records. You can even locate items on the go thanks to Stockpile's mobile compatiblity. Access your data anytime from your mobile device.

Scheduling Smarter 

Having too many employees on hand, or too few, can also cause issues. If you are short staffed you could lose business or, at the very least, have some disgruntled customers to deal with. Having too many employees at any given time means that you are paying people to stand around. Neither scenario is good for your business or your bottom line. That's why investing in some good scheduling software can be a real lifesaver. You'll also want to spend some time examining your business flow and determining when your peak times occur. Even the best scheduling software can't help you balance your employee coverage if you don't have a clear idea of when your business is busier and when things tend to slow down.

Unexpected Hero 

There are always going to be occurrences that you just can't plan for. How you handle these unforeseen circumstances can be the difference between disaster and difference maker. Having a procedure in place to deal with unexpected issues is a great first step. This doesn't mean having detailed steps for each and every worst case scenario. It means having a set of steps for your employees to follow to start responding to any situation that may arise. Empowering your employees to act in your absence is a excellent first step. You don't want everyone sitting around waiting for you to call in and tell them what to do. There should be a list that tells them who should be contacted in case of an emergency and what they can do in the meantime.

Empowered employees can start responding immediately and that minimize the impact of most situations. It can also help your customers and create goodwill.

If there are specific actions that need to be taken such as removing sensitive or critical data or securing other items be sure to have a checklist so that employees have a step by step guide to follow. If the problem is a customer centric issue make sure your employees know what steps they can take on their own and which ones require manager approval. If they can offer a discount or an additional service to resolve the issue before it becomes a PR nightmare that may be the best resolution. Anytime a customer has to wait for satisfaction there is the potential for them to become more frustrated and to take to social media to vent their dissatisfaction.

There are so many pitfalls that can impact your business. Implementing technology to help you avoid them and having a plan to deal with the ones that you can't steer clear of can keep your business on the right track. Check back with us again soon for more tips on how Stockpile can help your small business grow and other business advice.

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