Adversity Advantages

simple small business inventory solutionMost people try to avoid adversity. Of course, life is easier when things go our way and we can avoid obstacles and setbacks. Facing adversity can actually be a good thing though. Keep reading to learn more and to find out why you need Stockpile simple small business inventory solution to help you avoid inventory issues.

Find Out What You're Made of 

Want to learn how strong and resilient you really are? Face a little adversity. You may think you know yourself and how you'll stand up to challenges, but you can't be sure until you're actually tested. Often you'll be surprised to learn that you are stronger and capable of handling more than you first thought. Being tested like this is never fun, but you'll most likely feel better about yourself afterwards and may even find yourself grateful for the lessons you learned.

Find Out Who Your Friends Are 

In business, just like in your personal life, adversity can help you discover who your true friends are. Those people who don't just stick around but actually offer to jump in and provide support are the ones who really have your back. Anyone who heads for the hills at the first sign of trouble was never really your friend to begin with. The same holds true for employees. You'll find that some people are willing to pitch in and do what they can to bolster your business during challenging times and others will start sending out resumes and calling in sick so that they can go on job interviews. These are the people who may have in one way or another contributed to your decline to begin with. That's because this position was never anything more than a paycheck to them. Finding that out now, before you give them any more responsibility, can be a real blessing.

Build Your Community 

Challenges can also be opportunities. Often members of the greater community will step up to help out a business in need. This can give you a chance to make new connections and develop a support network that will last long after the storm has passed. Remember to pay it forward and always offer support to others when you can as well. Creating a community that works together to benefit everyone can have far reaching impacts on the businesses and their customers.

Get Rid of the Stuff You Don't Need 

When things are going well for your business you may add on extras that you don't really need. If you suddenly have to do some belt tightening to keep your business in the black you'll quickly realize what you can do without. Need to trim employee expenses? You'll suddenly take a much harder look at who's pulling their weight and who's slacking off. Office supplies taking a bigger bite out of your budget? You might want to keep a closer eye on who's using what. Some of the cuts may be painful and you may want to bring them back as soon as you can afford to, but others may not even make a ripple in your day to day operations. Those are the extras you can easily do without. When you do get past your current challenge you'll probably want to look at other ways to spend your funds. This could be the chance your business needed to grow in a new direction.

Inventory Issues

Many small businesses cite inventory issues as one of their biggest challenges. There are so many components to inventory management. You need to know how much stock you need, how much you have, where you have it, and how profitable it is for your company. You need to be able to run reports for accounting purposes, taxes, and more. It's enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out. Unless you're using Stockpile, of course. Stockpile makes it easy to track inventory within a single store or across multiple locations. Adding item records is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in item records. Your inventory management system should track all the details that you need, without making you enter data into fields that you're never going to use. In short, it should be designed for your unique business. Stockpile is! It's made to fit your needs. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. You can access your data from your mobile device. Running reports is quick and easy as well. Just a few clicks and you can generate the report you need. Stockpile takes the headaches out of inventory management. Try Stockpile today!

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