A Clean Sweep

powerful home inventory solutionVery few people actually enjoy cleaning. For most of us it’s a chore that we try to avoid as much as possible. It’s safe to say that everyone would like to get more done in less time when it comes to cleaning. If you’re nodding your head in agreement right now, this is the post for you. We’ll have some tips on how you can use Stockpile powerful home inventory solution to improve your cleaning routine and reduce the amount of time it takes you to get the job done.

The Right Tools for the Job

A big part of cleaning efficiently and effectively is having the right tools for the job. Sure, you could sweep the floor with a tiny handheld broom but it would take forever and be very uncomfortable. That may be an extreme example but you get the idea. Using the right tools and products can make the task easier and allow you to finish faster.

When the Solution Becomes Part of the Problem

Many of us fall victim to advertising. We buy the latest and greatest cleaning solution or gadget because it promises to make our lives easier and get our homes cleaner. Whether it works or not it will eventually be replaced by the next great idea and before you know it you have a jumble of cleaning products under sinks, in the laundry room, and out in the garage. Now you can’t tell what you have or where to find it. You could probably spend a day just cleaning out and organizing your cleaning products. Ugh!

Knowledge Is Powerful 

A lot of effective cleaning comes down to elbow grease. If you really work on the stain you can get it out. Just putting force into your cleaning isn’t enough. You need to be using the right items at the right time. The more you know about the cleaning products you have and how to use them the more efficient you can be as you clean.

Clean Up with Stockpile 

Stockpile can help you with all the things we mentioned above. Go through your cleaning supplies. Discard anything that is almost empty or so old that its effectiveness is now in question. Look at what you have left and start creating item records in Stockpile. Adding items to our system is quick and easy. You choose which fields to include in your records. This allows you to track more than just an item’s name and location. You can add details such as what the item is used for, any safety precautions that should be taken when using, and even treatment in case you accidentally get some product in your eye or on your skin. If you read these reminders before you start cleaning you’ll know whether you should be wearing gloves and how careful you need to be when spraying on the solution.

Stockpile makes it easy to find what you need because you can use both areas and locations to pinpoint where items are stored. It can be easy to forget about the various bottles of cleaner tucked under the sink or the different cloths, brooms, and grout brushes that you have in different rooms. Having Stockpile records means that you can easily “see” everything just by accessing your online inventory. Plus, you’ll know where to go when you need it. Why waste time searching for products that you may or may not still have? Why settle for using the wrong solution for the job when the right one is sitting in the spare bathroom? Avoid these and other pitfalls by using Stockpile.

Once you organize your cleaning supplies and start to see all the benefits that Stockpile can provide you’ll be ready to move on to other areas of your home. Check back with us soon for more great tips on using Stockpile. Ready to get started? Get Stockpile now!

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